Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Difference In A Second

A second ago your fingers were locked with mine, my heart racing, the room filled with your perfume, as i starred into your perfect brown eyes, an intense gaze that read every part of my soul and wrenched my heart into small pieces.

A second later i'm sitting here alone with nothing but memories of what was, holding on to the now fading pictures of what we used to be, you seemed to be disappearing so quickly with every blink as i struggle hard to keep every piece i could hold on to, and they kept slipping through my fingers.

A Second Ago nothing else mattered but you, we were free falling, we were as one, heart beating in rhythm, your touch and mine orchestrated to perfection, gradually ascending to a mind blowing climax.

A Second Later, i'm falling all alone and about to hit rock bottom, nothing to brake my fall but the hard surface of the pavement in full view, pain I haven't felt but could already imagine, my thoughts turned sour as i imagine the pending doom.

A Second ago you painted a picture of us, a future so amazing, in progressive sequencing, one that involved me, one that makes you out as mine, one with connecting dots that complete our story.

A second later i stand there with half of the portrait, once a master piece, worthless and without meaning as it was incomplete, unreadable like finger paintings of a two year old. I stared at this disaster and all i had was a fading mental picture of what once was.

A Second ago i was having a bad dream, one that involved me without you.

A second later i woke up in your arms, and watched you still and calm, and right there beside me, you rolled over, looked into my eyes and your words i can never forget "go to sleep baby, i'm right here".

Still Free Falling.

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