Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Difference In A Second

A second ago your fingers were locked with mine, my heart racing, the room filled with your perfume, as i starred into your perfect brown eyes, an intense gaze that read every part of my soul and wrenched my heart into small pieces.

A second later i'm sitting here alone with nothing but memories of what was, holding on to the now fading pictures of what we used to be, you seemed to be disappearing so quickly with every blink as i struggle hard to keep every piece i could hold on to, and they kept slipping through my fingers.

A Second Ago nothing else mattered but you, we were free falling, we were as one, heart beating in rhythm, your touch and mine orchestrated to perfection, gradually ascending to a mind blowing climax.

A Second Later, i'm falling all alone and about to hit rock bottom, nothing to brake my fall but the hard surface of the pavement in full view, pain I haven't felt but could already imagine, my thoughts turned sour as i imagine the pending doom.

A Second ago you painted a picture of us, a future so amazing, in progressive sequencing, one that involved me, one that makes you out as mine, one with connecting dots that complete our story.

A second later i stand there with half of the portrait, once a master piece, worthless and without meaning as it was incomplete, unreadable like finger paintings of a two year old. I stared at this disaster and all i had was a fading mental picture of what once was.

A Second ago i was having a bad dream, one that involved me without you.

A second later i woke up in your arms, and watched you still and calm, and right there beside me, you rolled over, looked into my eyes and your words i can never forget "go to sleep baby, i'm right here".

Still Free Falling.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Can't Make You Love Me

This post was inspired by the amazing cover done by Tank of the Bonnie Raitt's classic "I Cant Make You Love Me", heard the song for the first time at a friends apartment and the lyrics were beautifully sung and painfully true.

You can't make someone one love you no matter how much you try, love is still a mystery. it can't be manufactured, it can't be created, and contrary to belief it can't be bought either.

Its great pain to love someone when you know they don't love you back, you have this conviction that you are good for them, that you'll be true, and loyal and honest and be the best thing there have ever true as this may be you can't make them see that, they have to see this on their own. Unfortunately a lot of times they never do and you are stuck with memories and well crafted images of the "what ifs".

In situations like this the best thing to do is to let it go, it would hurt and it would seem like your world is falling apart, but it would hurt much more if you stay and get your feelings thrown in your face daily.

You need to be with someone who would see and love you for you, their sun would rise and set in your eyes, nothing and no one can replace you, and on the scale of 1-10 in importance you are 20, you are the first person they want to share the good/bad with (not Twitter or BB their very existence is enhanced, completed and is meaningful cause you are there, someone who would tell you "baby, when all my dreams come through, you're the one i want standing by my side".

Love like the one God Has for us, irrespective of what you've done, where you are coming from, where you are heading, and what your future holds, its there, its sure and its true

Never Settle...

Tank - I Can't Make You Love Me

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Guitar Player

Grabbing his stool and opening the box where he kept his priceless wooden charm, I knew it was going to be another amazing night, I stumbled across this place a few months ago and have been coming every day since, it wasn’t the food I was certain cause I never ate, it wasn’t the cocktails cause I only had water, it wasn’t the people nor was it the environment, it was him, his hands and the strings, and every single time they met was pure magic.
He barely said a word to the eager crowd as he sat on the stool and positioned himself to get the best out of his strings; he never sang, he never spoke too much, it was all about the music, he always had on a clean tee and worn out denim, a clean shave and hair kept low, he was simple just like his music, but as simple and as easy as it was, it was also complex, deep, pure, true, fresh, almost dreamy.
As he got ready to perform, he flashed a smiled that disappeared almost as quickly as it was formed. Then he began strumming, always starting soft with meaning and depth far beyond anything I have ever heard, the music came from a world no one knew but wanted desperately to be a part of.As he played on, striking the cords harder and with more passion, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to flow with this river of pleasure and peace; I became unaware of where I was and the people around me, felt like I was walking on clouds.
Each chord, each musical combination tugged at my heart strings, the music had no words in it, but I understood it perfectly, I knew what it was saying, I got every message it was trying to pass across, although everyone around me seemed to just be enjoying the melody, I heard it, it spoke clearly to me, it was a tale of love, undying love, the kind that never goes away, the one you never get over, the one you don’t want to forget, the one that thought you all you know, the one your grateful for.
I continued to bask in the euphoria of the music my lover created, the one he uses to speak to me, he kept going higher and higher using the chords as a stair way to a peak far beyond imagination, at this point my heart is pounding really fast and climbing with it.
And suddenly I hear cheering, I opened my eyes and realize it was over, the best five minutes of my day, people standing all over the room clapping and nodding their heads in approval, I just sat there looking straight at him pleased and satisfied, and for what seemed like eternity our eyes met and he nodded with an approving smile cause he knew I heard it all, every word even without him saying it.
As he walked off the stage I knew I was hooked, he was my drug, and I couldn’t wait to hear him speak to me again the next day, the way just us both understand……………… and the guitar player.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Good Kind of Void

It's quiet everywhere, no sound, no pressence, just me,
an unfamiliar teritory no record of prior existence.
I stand here alone, drained and incomplete,
a part missing, a piece lost, a vital one

Blank and unsure i stood, in a world i could not recognize
it all seemed new, different, almost exciting
if i could just take a few steps back and understand how i got here
nothing around here helped me remember
and i began to wonder, may be its for the best that i remain clueless

I saw this as an opportunity to piant another picture
one that would not be influenced by past circumstances and beliefs
one i could make my own, fashioned to suit the new world i have found myself in
drowning in the pool of possibilities i suddenly spotted something i think i recognize
and all of a sudden it made sense i remebered

It was a black spot on the wall, black i thought
as simple and as insignificant as it was it was the key to my memories
i recognized where i was standing and now i knew how i got here
placed before me was the map of my entire existence
and i realized the entire burden that came with it

The picture had no meaning
it screamed confusion and its components moved from one point to the other drawn by various forces
and for a split second i wished i didnt remember it

Unexpectedly, with the shame and regret i felt for my found memories, a smile formed on my face,
I was grateful for this realization
as my few minutes of emptiness and void helped me realize a fresh start was possible
one that could be fashioned to suit your abilities
and one i was willing to try in order to create a picture i ll be proud to display
one i'll live to remember.

Friday, April 23, 2010

From My heart

Drove home yesterday with tears rolling down my eyes, a very talented young man passed on, just approaching his peak, he ooze of energy and pure talent, uniqueness personified, adding spice and everything nice to the Music industry.
I sat in my car and wept, I wept for him, for his family, I wept for my colleague that got burnt in his house trying to save his family, fire that started as a result of a faulty generator, he survived for a couple of days and died of infections and poor attention, I wept for my safety, for my family, for my country, poor health care facilities, poor emergency response, poor security…..poor everything….
Suddenly I stopped crying, my heart hardened, the pain in my blood shot eyes was visible, the hatred I felt made my skin burn up, it ends now, enough is enough, I am not going to cry no more, I am not going to sit and do nothing, I am not going to say “oh this is Nigeria”, not it is not, we are special, we are blessed, we are good people and we deserve the best, we deserve to be happy, we deserve to live happy in the land of our fathers, but instead we suffer, we thrive, we strain, and we are cursed with leaders that have no concern and take this authority as their birth right, we live under fear and constraint like a shaved polar bear in the arctic we suffer in our own home.
But it isn’t going to be like this anymore cause we have the power to affect our environment, we have the power to make the change we have the power to stop this, you have your vote, you have your voice, you have your space, you have your peers, we have each other and we going to stop this.
For the sake of those that have lost their lives trying to survive in this conditions, Daniel taiwo, Dagrin, Aunty alice, and all the prominent Nigerians that have lost their lives in this fight, we have to vow to make a change, we have the power to pick those we want, the leaders that will serve the people and ensure that we live in our home in safety and happiness…..
No more deaths, no more pain, no more suffering….we tired and it ends now, take a good look around your fancy offices, your mansions and inheritance gotten from the blood of innocent Nigerians, those are your last purchases and merchandise, from now on only those who deserve to be there would be.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The -ING

Me in my MI moments, do hope you enjoy this.......

I sit here thinking

Image of you in the distance got me squinting

Your coming closer i can hear myself breathing

Cant move or do nothing

Like in sub zero temps i feel like am freezing

Heart feels like paper thats ripping

Its really you Now am believing

In your arms i feel like am living

Trapped in this love there is no escaping

Though it feels fast i know your the real thing

Forever and always is what will be saying

Smiling to myself now, thinking of your loving

We look so good people are hating

Wondering, Praying, Hoping will be ending

But our love na ti ti lai lai dont die waiting

Although sometimes i might be fronting

But you know i am worth the long thing

It's not always nice and shining

As sometimes the weather would be gloomy and probly raining

But through it all we come out stronger, surviving

Any and everything that we've been battling

you complete me and i'm not just saying

its the truth and me you'll forever be having

Not scoping or just Wording, its for real and i hope your believing.....!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

676 Tweets and Counting

Joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago, for fun basically didnt know what to expect thought it was just another social networking site, and i was bored with the current one i was in, so i was like what the heck and i joined.

676 tweets into it i knew for a certain that it was one of the best choices i have made, although it has its own bad sides like been addicitve, it also comes with a lot of pecks, i met totally awesome people., who have become more like family now.

Tej: who is mature, and sweet and seems to have the right words to say at all times

Jade: adorable and crazy, very caring and not afraid to be herself, and a serious smarty pants although shes no geek.

Two of them stand out amognst several other people that have touched me with thier tweets from now and then.
Its such a fantastic world, we have the gossips and rumour mongers, as well as the randomos, we have the cuties and the not so cutie, the gbagauns composers and the gbagaun police, we have the possible dinners and the please stop following, groupies and stalkers, new friends and not so new friends.

words of wisdom, things to laff at, bubbles and smiley faces, celebrities you care alot about, its a beautiful world constructed by a couple of lines, as simple as it sounds its refreshing, its real, least to an extent, a public diary, a learning space, and a hub of great minds.

A pure example of the basic fact that "things are better out, than in" me Tworld